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Auz Tree is your local, trusted Mid North Coast arborist and tree service specialist. High on quality, low on price, our services also come with a work guarantee.

For tree pruning, tree removal, woodchipping, stump grinding, and land clearing, get in touch with Auz Tree. Our qualified and customer focused arborists are here to help. Contact us today for a free quote.

Tree Removal

Auz Tree is the specialist tree removal and pruning company that you can trust on the Mid North Coast. Whether you are noticing old and rotting tree stumps, a massive tree that is causing problems or you need to clear an area of your land for other purposes, we can help.

Why hire an arborist for tree removal services? Auz Tree is certified, experienced and has the workforce to handle any request. With our tree removal services, you can ensure that trees of any size are cut down and safely removed from your land, without damaging any of your property or the surrounding outdoor space.


Anyone can take a chainsaw to a tree. But as they say, “To the man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Results vary from workable to woeful, from hero to hospital case.

Not so when a good arborist is on the case as they know all about the trees here on the Mid North Coast. And they also know all about the gear we use. Rather than simply “chainsaw”, the question becomes “when and where to chainsaw”.

Of course, our arborists can work magic even without heavy duty chainsawing. Pruning can do wonders.

Choosing Auz Tree when you need tree work done gives you the benefit of having qualified arborists on the job. These are experts who can give you a brand new perspective when it comes to what can be done about your trees.

Contact us at Auz Tree and have a word with our qualified tree people.

Tree Pruning

In the hands of our highly skilled team, trees can be shaped to taste. We can direct a tree’s growth so it conforms to an overall size and shape that will suit your property.

But that’s only one aspect of pruning.

Dead-wooding is another. This is a procedure needed when parts of a tree have died off, usually because the plant has suffered from either disease or a change to its environment. Pruning and removing the dead parts—dead-wooding—not only improves the tree’s appearance, it also encourages new growth and a healthier, reinvigorated tree result.

Pruning can be done to prevent a tree from obstructing vision or access. It can also be done to reduce the incidence of leaf litter in swimming pools, in gutters, and across entrances.

Pruning is also a way to get more out of plants. Judicious pruning can encourage better flowering and fruiting.

Having the qualified arborists at Auz Tree visit your property can solve a multitude of tree concerns.

Contact Auz Tree today. We’ll be happy to give you honest advice about pruning. Timing is everything when it comes to pruning—best results are achieved when a tree is in an active growth phase.

We offer woodchipping and mulching to manage green waste. And we will dispose of any waste from diseased plants.

Contact us at Auz Tree to enjoy a proper pruning.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is cut down in its prime, a large problem, in the form of a stump, needs to be addressed. This is an eyesore that will not go away by itself. At least not in the foreseeable future.

To anyone’s way of thinking, removing a spectacularly unattractive stump from your yard makes perfectly good sense. The stump grinders at Auz Tree can come along before it becomes a haven for all manner of bugs and vermin, and grind it to powdered goodness for your soil.

Stump grinding doesn’t cost a lot and you get to reclaim the wasted space and plant something beautiful in its place.

Contact us at Auz Tree to reduce that stump to dust.

Land Clearing

Land would need to be cleared before work begins on construction or even when preparing the site for a tin shed.

Auz Tree is the quick and affordable way to get this land clearing done.

Trees can be removed. But there’s often also rubbish—either pre-existing or from recent demolition work—that our land clearing service can solve for you.

Our tip-truck is purpose-built and it’s ready to help dispose of your green waste and general rubbish to make sure your site is ready for its new purpose.

Quotes are free at Auz Tree. Contact us today for all your site-clearing needs.